Generate More Sales for Your Dealership with the Exact Same Digital Budget You Have Right Now

If your dealership is not bidding in real time for the thousands of keywords you should have in your account and for the millions of potential display or video views, than your dealership’s digital advertising could be more efficient, generating more measureable results for the same spend.

It's Time to Put Your Dealership's Data in the Driver's Seat

Data drives results in the digital age. Big Dealer Data uses the analytics your dealership produces EVERY DAY as you get clicks, leads, appointments and close deals to inform your digital bids in real-time.

Every single time a potential customer performs a Google search or has the opportunity to see one of your banner or video ads we determine the proper bid based on how likely they are to be of value to your business.

This means we bid more to get your ad in front of valuable web surfers and less for those who may just be kicking tires or perhaps aren’t in the market for a vehicle at all.

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What Does This Mean for You?

Simple, you get more quality web traffic for the SAME BUDGET. More quality web traffic means more clicks from people actually shopping and demonstrating real interest in the vehicles you have for sale.

What is Quality Web Traffic?

Quality web traffic is defined as an increase in the average time on site, pages per visit, and inventory views for all your paid digital channels on a keyword by keyword basis for search and proper placement and bidding for your banners, video and contextual advertising. It means lower bounce rates and an increase in quality leads, walk-ins and phone ups.

You Can Expect to Generate MORE Sales From Your Website Through:

  • Increased website leads of better average quality
  • Increased phone ups of better average quality
  • Increased walk-in traffic
  • Better appointment set rates
  • Better appointment show rates
  • Better appointment close rates

Learn More About How It Works

Experience a FULLY TRANSPARENT Digital Partnership Unlike Any Other

There are plenty of challenges that can keep you up at night. With Big Dealer Data you can permanently take your digital advertising off of that list.

  • All data goes directly into your Analytics account with zero filtering.
  • You pay directly for your media. Zero worries. Tons of reward points.
  • A low monthly fixed management fee NOT a percentage of spend.
  • A weekly, yes that’s right weekly, status call with your account representative.
  • Ideas, strategies and landing page concepts brought to you which are tested and then proven to work based on actual data and real results.
  • 19 years of online dealer advertising experience combined with state-of-the-art technology.
  • A Google Certified Premier Partner – fewer than 3% of agencies achieve this
  • Founders and key personnel direct from the auto industry.
  • A level of insight and data you have never been exposed to before.

It's time for automotive to not only catch up with the rest of the digital marketing industry standards but exceed them. Dealers are collecting massive amounts of data each day, which goes completely unused, that could drive an incredibly sophisticated real-time bidding and machine assisted optimization strategy. One which wastes considerably less money, responds to market changes in an instant and spends money where it measurably drives results." David J. Berger, Co-Founder & CTO

What Other Dealers Have to Say About Our Services

We interviewed a few different companies when we were searching for a digital option for PPC. One characteristic that stuck out the most about Big Dealer Data is how much they will be involved on this journey with us! With our previous vendor we were lucky to get 1 hour a month to discuss strategy. Currently with the digital market and Google changing every day you must be in constant contact with your digital vendor. I feel like this void we had before is now filled with the Big Dealer Data team. It’s still early but, I can only imagine how much better this will get in the long run. Pick a team that wants to vest into your business and not a team just willing to spend your money! That’s why we chose Big Dealer Data.

Jim Rourke, GM/Owner , Central Ave. Nissan

During our first full year with the folks at BDD we were able to grow our overall sales 30.4%. This was a 241 new vehicle increase from 793 to 1,034 making us the largest unit growth in the tri-state. We also became the largest certified GM dealer and largest Chevy car dealer in our state. The way they organize the campaigns makes it easy to budget within the budget around models and inventory and track progress at a glance. They are always trying new strategies and bringing new technologies or ideas to the table to consider. Their skillful, attentive, approach helped us get and stay ahead of some VERY stiff competition.

Ron Barna, Dealer Principal , Paramus Chevrolet

We have engaged BDD to manage our portfolio of dealerships. Their efficient search strategies enabled us to extract far more from our search campaigns than leading industry competitors. The quality of their display traffic is unmatched and the conquesting nature of it is allowing our stores to get the market consideration they need against leading brands to increase floor traffic and sales beyond their usual niche.

Sean Coughlin, COO , The Premier Collection

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