Paid Search and SEO, together SEM, are still the MOST POWERFUL TOOL you have in your digital arsenal.

Considering the cost of a dealer click these days, it is imperative your search campaigns are strategic as well as efficient. Connecting results and dealer analytics such as pump reports to search empowers your marketing to make real-time decisions on what keywords to bid on, where to bid on them and how much to spend wisely. Your SEO should be strategic and informed by the data you collect. You should know, and pay directly for, the net cost of every click and see the inside of your accounts.


Display, Remarketing, Video & Social Media Advertising

Say goodbye to 90% bounce rates and 0:00:03 average time on site! There is so much content out there and so many ways to place, purchase and deliver media it's impossible to mitigate waste and generate performance without sophisticated information feedback strategies. Big Dealer Data is a powerful partner for dealers who wish to generate awareness digitally. Conquest effectively. Stay in front of people who have touched your website. Target email lists. Let's get granular. Let's get smart. Let's get going!

Site<br> Maintenance

Sticky Sites Generate More Sales

Every web visit is an opportunity. Make the most of it. Just because a manufacturer mandates a web provider or you have an account rep doesn't mean you're getting the most from your web presence. From the various site settings, on-page SEO and landing page opportunities Big Dealer Data can enhance your current website, assist in your regular updating process and get the metrics where they need to be to succeed.

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