This is a Big Decision and We Want to Make it as Stress Free as Possible for You.

We're confident in our abilities, our experience and our service. We want the opportunity to prove to you this is different. That a partnership with Big Dealer Data is a reliable path to growth. Therefore, we've designed our pricing and terms to make you as comfortable as possible making this switch. Schedule a call, the difference will apparent right away.

Free 30 Day Trial

You wouldn't expect customers to purchase a car without taking it for a test-drive. Well, we don't expect you to change digital vendors without one either. Therefore, we are offering our services with zero management fee for the first month. Not the last month of a long-term contract. The very first month of a one-month contract. We're confident in our ability to put up results. There is a TON of set up month one. dozens of hours of hard work to lay the foundation for your success. Would we risk that just to lose you in 30 days? Only if we think it's hardly a risk at all. Let's get going!!!!

Month-to-Month Renewing Contract

This is partnership at will. We never want you to feel we're on auto-pilot or getting lazy because things are settled in. We have no long-term agreements. What we do have is a desire to build a long-term partnership with you. That begins with our promise to 'show up' every day and do the work. The only way we can structure a relationship which speaks to that promise is to put ourselves permanently on the line. As a business owner, isn't that where you are every day? And why it is imperative we perform?

Cancel Anytime

There are always marketing and business challenges to overcome in the automotive industry. One of those challenges should not be wondering if you're tied to an underperforming vendor. You are free to cancel at any time, on a moment's notice. The car business is tough. Everyone wakes up earning 'nothing' that day unless they perform. We take the responsibility of being the partner so many depend on every day to drive the traffic your employees rely on to convert to income they use to survive VERY seriously. We get it. Which is why we want to put ourselves on the line every day to make it happen - just like you.

Fixed Management Fee

This partnership cannot exist under a percentage of spend fee structure. Our fundamental job is to spend as little of your money as necessary to achieve the maximum result. To tie our compensation to the amount you spend is in direct conflict with that philosophy. We must work hard, and put in the hours, to extract the most from your budget. When we make recommendations to increase spend or try something new, we want zero inclination the suggestion is a profit motivator for us. We want our suggestions to be perceived as a profit motivator for you. Therefore, a fixed monthly management fee is the only way to ensure we are truly your consultative digital marketing partner.

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