Machine Learning Applied to Dealership Digital Marketing Optimization

quote It's time for automotive to not only catch up with the rest of the digital marketing industry standards but exceed them. You are collecting massive amounts of data each day which can drive an incredibly sophisticated machine assisted optimization strategy. One which wastes considerably less money, responds to market changes in an instant and spends your money where it measurably drives results." David J. Berger, Co-Founder & CTO

A Lot of Technology But Even More Common Sense

We get this is pretty heady and complex stuff. However, we're car people and we've structured the campaigns and the analytics so they are easy to understand. Not because they are dumbed down but because they are structured like you know how cars are sold. How inventory issues are managed. How programs are marketed and how areas and people are targeted. It's as high-sense as it is high-tech.

Focus On Quality, Then Scale

Odds are you are spending too much money on poor sources of traffic. This could be anything from low performing keywords to misplaced display advertising. With Big Dealer Data your campaigns are optimized at the point of click based on the statistical likelihood they will result in a positive measurable outcome. More clicks do not sell more cars. More quality clicks than you are getting now will. Wasting ad dollars on poor clicks means you're missing good clicks. By raising the average visitor quality we fill the opportunity funnel with more prospects at a lower cost per. Then we use the un-wasted budget to buy as much of the quality traffic as we can.

Digital Showroom Based KPIs

People no longer walk the lot as frequently as they “walk the site”. The more time people spend on your site, what they look at and how they behave is the number one precursor of success. However, the source of traffic form keyword to display ad context MUST be taken into account and evaluated individually to truly understand where your money is working, and where it is wasted. By initially optimizing around the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which identify the most interested digital 'ups' we immediately begin identifying where your spend is likely to yield results or be completely wasted.

Drive-Time & Pump-Based Geo Targeting

Location. Location. Location. The more things change the more they stay the same. Manufacturers provide pump reports for a reason. Analyzing your CRM and 'heat mapping' sales history also shows us where people are willing to drive from to do business with you. Combining all of this data gives us a starting point for where and how to target your campaigns. Telling us what we need to defend and where pump opportunities exist. From there machine learning takes over and will adjust bids in real time based on where the user is sitting or where big data systems know they live. Another example of state-of-the-art technology working to accomplish tried and true industry principals dealers have relied on for decades.

Sticky User Experience

Dealership websites come out of the box pretty standardized. Whether they are factory mandated “Big Box” sites or some other auto dealer specific product they are template based. At best, unique copy is scraped from the older site to make it a bit more unique. Putting work into a website from copy to landing pages to articles etc. is essential for digital marketing success. There are many settings which can be optimized as well to assist with automating necessary business functions while contributing to a better user experience for your customers. Sometimes the marketing placement is not the problem. We monitor campaigns closely to understand what we need to do to the website to help the marketing match the demands of the audience. Big data and split testing help us make your digital showroom more appealing. Working “both” ends towards the middle is the only way to get your marketing running on all 12-cylinders.

We Train and Maintain Your Intelligent Digital Advertising Campaigns to Accomplish the Same Dealership Growth Strategies Automotive Has Been Using for Decades

Pump In. Pump Out. And Conquest

Again, same tried and true growth strategies accomplished in a newer medium using state-of-the-art technology. How a dealership ultimately grows has not changed. The methods one uses to drive this growth are entirely different in the digital age. They can be smarter. More connected. Hyper accurate and self-optimizing.

  • The fastest way to grow is to first stop shrinking. Prevent loss of vehicles from your area of responsibility to facing competitors.
  • Next you need to take a few away from each competitor by getting your message out to the battle ground areas.
  • Then we need to conquest. We need to expose your vehicles to new markets where consideration is likely.
  • If your net pump is -10 and we can stop the bleeding then add 15 vehicles each month you've just grown by 25 cars.
  • That sounds unlikely but when you break it down to simply converting only a few cars from each source that adds up quickly.

Seeing is Believing

Here are actual results from a Real Dealership

  • 241 or 28% of these 860 cars were our client- the MOST unit growth in the region!
  • They grew 30.4% in the first half of the year.
  • They grew to the number two dealership in the state for their brand.
  • The largest dealer in the zone grew only 22.5%.

Our strategy worked. We found deals from adjacent zones which they are on the border of. We slowed the growth of their competitors. We used good old-fashioned strategy to uncover where their leases or financing were competitive and conquest millions of eyeballs for hundreds of dollars. Their budget remained static. We were simply able to get more by being less wasteful, more strategic and thus more impactful. 

The Next Step