It's Time to Put Your Dealership's Information in the Driver's Seat

Your dealership produces huge amounts of data. Unfortunately it's spread across multiple platforms and programs, few if any, speak to one another. With Big Dealer Data they can. And when they do, you can leverage the power of machine learning to train your advertising to stop wasting money and focus on the ads, keywords, demographics, programmatic media and settings which drive real results into your store. 

Big Dealer Data's combination of machine assisted optimization and dealership specific strategies yield results because they are driven by results. Your results.

  • Reduce wasted ad spend
  • Discover what is driving measurable results
  • Redeploy budget and scale what is working
  • Maximize market share where results are born

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Machine Learning Applied to Dealership Digital Marketing Optimization

  • Would you describe your current digital as nimble?
  • In any way transparent?
  • Do budgets, bids and focus adjust in real time?
  • Is a well-maintained Google Analytics you control your main source of well-defined performance analysis?

It's Time to Leave the World of Lagging Indicators & "Back-End Tools"

Month's end is too late to adjust your strategy. The battle has already been fought. The new month begins with a plan and immediately begins to change. It's time to leave the world of lagging indicators, mysterious data through filtered sources and step into the here and now. It's time to take control of your data, process it better, get the tools you depend on speaking to each other, close the feedback loops and unleash the power of machine learning to focus your advertising where it is driving results - saving you time and money while giving you an edge on the competition.

Learn More About How It Works

Founded by Automotive Industry Veterans

Big Dealer Data was founded by two career automotive Industry veterans who then started two independent advertising agencies. Our strategies, account settings, targeting, campaign structures and analysis were born inside the walls of several dealerships we actually worked in or owned. Then refined over the years as automotive advertising executives.

With BDD you get

  • 19 years of online dealer advertising experience combined with state-of-the-art technology
  • Total and complete transparency including directly paying for media
  • Fixed campaign management fees NO PERCENTAGE OF SPEND
  • Strategies based around growing your point(s) and shrinking your nearest competitions
  • A Google Certified Premier Partner – fewer than 3% of agencies achieve this
  • Founders and key personnel direct from the auto industry
  • A level of insight and data you have never been exposed to before

We spend as little money as possible to get the maximum result. That's a partner!  What's been amazing to see is that, as a car guy, the information these machines are uncovering about where successes are found, makes total sense. Exposing all of that to dealers gets them excited about the results they are seeing on the screen and in their showrooms." - David J. Berger, Co-Founder and CTO

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